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DW – creative writing – How to Eat Your Tongue

We were discussing eating your words as a idiom.  Then the kids got a little silly – so did the adults – and this creative writing ensued:

Eating your tongue is a very interesting process.  It’s important that you know that once you have eaten your tongue, you can not have a tongue again.  If I ever ate my tongue, I would eat it on my dying day.  Yes, I have never eaten my tongue.  My friend did, and graciously wrote down how to do it, and now I’m going to tell you how to do it.  Eating your tongue is painful, once you have eaten it you can’t talk, taste, or anything else you tongue does.  Although you forget all of this once you taste it, nose taste.

First you take a knife and cut off your tongue, make sure you have plenty of bandages for this step.  Cut it up and use it as the meat in a favorite food dish, or cut it up and eat it plain.  Apparently both are tasty, so pick what you heart most desires.  When you are eating it, try not to think about the fact that it is your own tongue.  This dish is better than a good steak, and since you have had all that good food it adds to the flavor.  They say you are what you eat, it is totally true.  Because your tongue has the slightest flavor of everything you have eaten.

I hope wherever you decide to eat your tongue, take heed of my warnings and tips.  But it does have a good flavor.  Writing this has inspired me to eat my tongue.  I’m sure just the tip of my tongue won’t hurt, right. Oh, Oh, Oh it’s so good.  Just a little bit more. That won’t hurt. Right? Mm, M mmmm mm mmm m mmm mmmm! ( Oh, I knew it was a bad Idea!)



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BW’s Poem about Halloween

Halloween Night

It’s Halloween night.
It’s a frightening sight
for ghouls are out.
Goblins make me doubt
I’ll ever get out.
May I add the witches in the air?
For we must go and get a scare
And get our share.

Mom spell corrected.

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Lenten Word Images

We are thinking about imagery in literature.  Chesterton is one of my favorite authors.  This blog comes from a quote from him.

Dali's painting of Christ of St. John of the Cross

The Ballad of God-Makers

A bird flew out at the break of day
From the nest where it had curled,
And ere the eve the bird had set
Fear on the kings of the world.

The first tree it lit upon
Was green with leaves unshed;
The second tree it lit upon
Was red with apples red;

The third tree it lit upon
Was barren and was brown,
Save for a dead man nailed thereon
On a hill above a town.

That night the kings of the earth were gay
And filled the cup and can;
Last night the kings of the earth were chill
For dread of a naked man.

‘If he speak two more words,’ they said,
‘The slave is more than the free;
If he speak three more words,’ they said,
‘The stars are under the sea.’

Said the King of the East to the King of the West,
I wot his frown was set,
‘Lo, let us slay him and make him as dung,
It is well that the world forget.’

Said the King of the West to the King of the East,
I wot his smile was dread,
‘Nay, let us slay him and make him a god,
It is well that our god be dead.’

They set the young man on a hill,
They nailed him to a rod;
And there in darkness and in blood
They made themselves a god.

And the mightiest word was left unsaid,
And the world had never a mark,
And the strongest man of the sons of men
Went dumb into the dark.

Then hymns and harps of praise they brought,
Incense and gold and myrrh,
And they thronged above the seraphim,
The poor dead carpenter.

‘Thou art the prince of all,’ they sang,
‘Ocean and earth and air.’
Then the bird flew on to the cruel cross,
And hid in the dead man’s hair.

‘Thou art the son of the world.’ they cried, `
‘Speak if our prayers be heard.’
And the brown bird stirred in the dead man’s hair
And it seemed that the dead man stirred.

Then a shriek went up like the world’s last cry
From all nations under heaven,
And a master fell before a slave
And begged to be forgiven.

They cowered, for dread in his wakened eyes
The ancient wrath to see;
And a bird flew out of the dead Christ’s hair,
And lit on a lemon tree.

–G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936)

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Comparison between The Devil and Daniel Webster and Faust

LR: The two characters Jabez Stone and Father Theophils start out with bad luck and I will compare these characters. These characters are similar because they both sell their soul to the devil. They both get what they want from the devil and do well. But they are worried and scared of what is to come. In the end both of them are absolved of their wrong doings.


JV: The Devil and Daniel Webster is a Faustian story containing three main characters: Jabez Stone, Daniel Webster, and scratch (the devil).  It starts out with Jabez and all his bad luck: his crops won’t grow; if a rock appears in his neighbor’s yard, a boulder shows up in his.  Then one day he was fed-up with it and yelled, “I vow it’s enough to make a man want to sell his soul to the devil. And I would do it for two cents!!!”  And he did; unveiling that this is a Faustian story. Then he has to escape his internal torture and surprise he does like many Faustian stories before – Theopholis and The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus to name two.



The Devil and Daniel Webster is Faustian story because of several key plot components. First the characters: not only is there the a living breathing devil, in this story the devil called scratch, but a person that is being made to follow the rules that the devil has sat before him. Jabez Stone is the protagonist in this story. He is “the man with the worst luck.” Jabez as a name is chosen in this story because of its meaning in the Bible as just an unlucky guy (1 Chronicles 4:9: And Jabez was more honorable than his brethren: and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, Because I bare him with sorrow.) Secondly, there is the hero; the hero in this story is Daniel Webster “the best lawyer that ever lived.” These three characters are the basis of any true Faustian story.


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Simile – 15 minutes of writing

We reviewed similes today and the guys wrote some.

JV’s chose to write about “life”:

  1. Life is like a cupcake, it’s good while it is there but you regret it when you’re done.
  2. Life is like a lazy cat, it sits there and sits there and gets older.
  3. Life is like a harp seal, it is cute and fluffy, but you have to go to the Arctic to find it.
  4. Life is like a construction job, it always needs more elbow grease.
  5. Life is like a bull, it easily goes wild.
  6. Likfe is like a cruise,  it get better the longer you stay, but its is only when you’re done that you realize how many bath room there were. (Bathrooms are pit stops along the road of life.)


  1. The grape tasted like a bowl of unripened lemons with above normal acid levels.
  2. The bull rode like a kayak ride in an ocean of giant waves.
  3. That bean was as hard as a rock.
  4. That monkey was as wild as a bunny rabbit.
  5. That tire was as flat as a mesa.
  6. That flytrap was as sticky as sap.


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Distinctio – 15 minutes of writing

Distincto is the rhetorical device designed to add meaning or clarify a word or phrase.

They all had the same nine words.  Here are AV’s

Colorful, and if I say that, it means the walls of an insane asylum.

Deep, like as deep as a black hole.

Work, like the thing that can involve blood,sweat and tears.

Standard, by that I mean a kind uniform blandness.

Smart, I mean S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology;) is a monitoring system for computer hard disk drives to detect and report on various indicators of reliability, in the hope of anticipating failures.

Crazy, and I mean in that he’s in that colorful insane asylum.

Bright, like Rudolph’s nose

right,or the opposite of left

Common, I mean the something very abundant.


BR’s words:

The painting wasn’t just colorful; it was vibrant.

That hole was deep and when I say deep I mean it go’s to the center of the earth.

Work and when I say work I mean that boring thing that grown ups go to every day.

That car was so standard that I wouldn’t take it for free.

That car was so bright I was destracted that I crossed the road trying to get closer and I got hit by a car  – splat.

Crazy and when I say crazy I mean I went to a concert and the singer was so crazy that they jumped out in to the crowed and no one caught him and he was still screaming that was awesome.

Smart and when I say smart I’m talking about that guy that always said e equals mc squared; why was always talking about the letter “E”.

Right and when I say right I mean the right way to jump off a building, the right way to find a job, the right way to say hello, the right way to bi.

Common and when I say common I mean that guy that walks by my door every day that guy is so common.

LR’s list:

  1. That van was colorful, and by colorful I mean if you stared at it to long your eyes would burn out.
  2. That abyss was so deep, when I say deep it is almost endless.
  3. I worked so hard, and when I say hard work I mean as hard as wrestling an alligator.
  4. That chair was so standard, and when I say standard I mean boring.
  5. That penny was so bright, and when I say bright I mean I could start I fire from the reflected rays from the sun.
  6. He was so crazy, and when I say crazy I mean he could bungie jump off the Eiffel Tower while drinking a Red Bull and texting his grandmother.
  7. He was very smart, and when I say smart I mean he knows what Pi is to the fiftieth place.
  8. He was right, I when I say right I mean he didn’t get it wrong.
  9. That brand is common, and when I say common there is lots of that brand.

DW’s list:

  1. Colorful, by colorful I mean like a tie dye shirt.
  2. Deep, by deep I mean so deep to take hours to reach the bottom.
  3. Work, by work I mean sitting at a desk in front of a computer.
  4. Standard, and by standard I mean plain.
  5. Bright and by bright I mean the Sun bright
  6. Crazy and by crazy I mean Mad hatter crazy.
  7. Smart and by smart I mean professor smart.
  8. Right and by right I mean a right turn.
  9. Common, and by common I mean the opposite of extinct.

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Procatalepsis – 15 minutes of writing

Today we thought about good arguments. We’ve been focused on which layer of argument we are using in discussions. Montessori Muddle introduced us to the triangle. To help use this in our day to day life today we made it to procatalepsis.  Argument – counter-argument – rebuttal. One can tell the developmental level of the child in their argument.

Here are BR’s

  1. Don’t eat off my plate.
  2. Well, you got too much food.
  3. Well, you got just as much as I got.
  1. We should ban  gun stores.
  2. Well, what about house defense?
  3. Well, get a security system.
  1. They should ban Dora from TV.
  2. Well, what about the young kids?
  3. Well, we already have Elmo.

LR’s three arguments

  1. Violent video games will not result in violent teenagers.
  2. It depends on the child, if the kid thinks he is the game he or she should not play.
  3. If the child thought he was the game he would probably sit at the TV all day and not be able to hurt anybody.
  1. Legos should banned and burnt all over the world.
  2. Legos let a child’s and adult’s imagination grow, and we would all die from the pollution from the burnt legos.
  3. Pollution is myth.
  1. We should cut down all the trees in the world; all they do is provide oxygen.
  2. We need the oxygen to breath.
  3. No, we breath air.

JV’s three arguments

  1. Gas prices should be raised to reduce emissions.
  2. But, less travel with cars would result in people late for work.
  3. Who cares about work.
  1. Nuclear missiles should be banned because they endanger people’s health.
  2. But they are good argument settlers.
  3. Life is more important than arguments.
  4. Would you like me to drop one on you?
  5. No.
  1. Teddy bears should be banned because they’re a fire hazzard.
  2. But what about all the little boys and girls who are lonely at night.
  3. We will give them stuffed pandas.


  1. Dogs should not wear muzzles and shock collars because it could hurt them very badly.
  2. If you have them, wild dogs can be kept outside and dogs that bite can be walked without biting.
  3. You could lose your dog if it has a shock collar because it escapes. If your dog has a muzzle, the winter and summer walks are much longer because they try to get them off and doing so it makes the hot and the cold weather worse.
  1. We should ban LEGO bricks because it doesn’t look like the real world.
  2. But what about kids? It’s fun.
  3. But it’s a choking hazard for kids under 7. Does that sound safe to you?
  4. No, but it’s not just kids that like them. Adults like them as well.
  5. But pieces get lost, so its hard to build things.


  1. Dogs should live in homes.
  2. But they pee-pee in the houses.
  3. So they need a house because people love them.
  4. They love us.
  1. We shall love them.
  2. But it doesn’t mean anything.
  3. But it’s important.


Did the prisoners who escaped from Alcatraz survive?

Yes!  The Mythbusters have done experiments to see if ti is possible for the prisoners to be alive.  They could have survived.  They found one of the oars on land.  People think they have seen them.

No!  It is possible they could have drowned.  They could have because it has very harsh conditions, and lots of people have drowned in the bay.  The dead bodies might have washed into the ocean.  The police are still looking, but they have never found them.

They could have escaped because one of the robbers was very good at escaping jails.


  1. Some people believe that UFO’s visit the Earth every day.
  2. But without evidence of the there is no proof.
  3. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  1. Guns should be ban because the US has a higher murder rates than it would if we had no guns.
  2. It is not the gun; it’s the person that kills.
  3. But the gun enables them.
  4. The murder could just as well knife them. Should ban knives too?

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