EV is a child of God, wife, mother, friend, Montessori guide. She lives in the Charleston area with her husband, DV, and sons – AV, age 14 and JV, age 13.  She loves to learn new things, sit quietly, touch the ground with bare feet, and cook.

As a little girl, I remember my mom’s involvement with my schooling. She worked in the school’s library, made cupcakes for events, pushed me into science fairs, and took me places to see historical sites and meet famous people. She fashioned me, carefully pulling to the surface the natural tendencies I had to want to understand history and science, to seek justice for those in need, and find order and precision in systems.

Her patience and dedication allowed me to see the world and to seek a purpose that outlives myself. I have found that I too am gifted by God to unveil the natural tendencies found in children and to nurture them. I choose to call children to exercise their place in the kingdom of God because it is what my place in the kingdom of God is.