Copper Coolness DJD


Can you believe that copper and gold are the oldest metals?  Cyprum is Latin word for copper.  Copper can be found in northern Iraq and many other places in the world, but is very commonly mined in Australia.   You my think that copper would not help plants grow, but news-flash it does.  Coppers atomic number is 29 and the atomic weight is 63.546, atomic mass unit.  Copper can be hammered into a big sheet and from there a creative sculpture.  The Egyptians used copper to make objects to worship their gods.  If you want to buy copper, you can get it online at a shop like Copper Smith. I think the best copper is found in an antique shop.  Copper is my favorite metal, and I hope now it is yours to.                                                                                                                  

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  1. Copper causes big reactions in my skin, so I can’t wear anything containing copper. But it is beautiful to look at!

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