A brief history of the light bulb DJD


What changed?

How did they fix issues?

These are questions that people ask about lightbulbs all the time when talking about the history of these amazing sources of the human’s best tool, the light.  The first light bulb was made in 1923 when a chemist and engineer used carbonized bamboo filaments and somehow found a way to make power or light.  In 1962, Georges Claud a glass blower by trade made the neon light. You most commonly see on it on the Las Vegas strip!  After all of those guys made history, Nick Holonyak made even bigger history when he invented the LED bulb.  Then the Energy Dept. put LEDs together which  made a bigger and brighter glow.  In 2011, Philips made a 49$ bulb that could last for 27 years.  Thanks to all those brilliant people who made the most helpful invention ever.

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