BW working out the laws of division. “Mhhhhh. I wonder if there is a way that you can know if this really giant number is divisible by four without having to divide it alllll the way out?”

Just a reminder to myself:  

The process defines who we are.  It isn’t the product that defines.  It is the journey that guides us and allows us to guide others.  It is the way we approach the difficult, the impossible, the unknown that determines who we are in the end and what we understand once we have reached the product.

How we approach the weak, the needy, the hopeless shows the depth of the understanding of ourselves and our own poverty of soul.  It is not the giving of charity as a product but rather the recognition of the deepest needs in ourselves and overcoming those needs to aid another person in their pilgrimage through this mortal plane. When it is in “pardoning that we are pardoned” then we are aware of the importance of the work.  This is process.

How we sit with the suffering in silence; how we laugh when laughing is easy; how we find hope in the time when laughter is impossible;  these are process.  This is what matters.

What my hand, mind, mouth, soul makes is not as important as the process by which it is envisioned, spoken, pursued, constructed, and loved.



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4 responses to “Process

  1. beautifully articulated elizabeth!

  2. Needed that reminder today. Thanks.

  3. Totally unrelated. I got a new computer, lost all of my blog bookmarks, and found your page again. QUESTION: Where was the place you took the kids (out between Columbia and Florence, I think) that one day a year invited the public to do archaeological excavation? I’m teaching in a STEMS classroom next year and have been thinking about it ever since I read about it

    • EV

      Hey! Glad to speak with you again. We went to the Kolb Site. I’m in Columbia most Monday afternoons with the main archaeologist for the site – Josiah is doing the USC archaeology lab for the Kolb Site. You might want to stop by and meet him. Plus I’d like to meet you in person, too. EV

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