JV – Math, Sewing, and Archaeology – Whew.

Custom Leather Backpack. AV tanned the hide. JV sewed and made the buttons.

JV has been really busy this path month.  He is working through pre-algebra.  Boy can it be tricky.

He was preoccupied for a week or so with making a client a “smallish” backpack out of buckskin.  When he couldn’t find the buttons he liked, we bought a coconut and he made them from scratch.

His next project involved the pot he helped find at the Kolb Site.  He spent the afternoon piecing together all the ones that fit together and then spent some time the next week gluing them together ever so carefully.  I tried not to be offended that lots of the gluing happened during lessons.

JV has been making these really cute pillow bears out of recycled shirts. He has been only interested in the fronts of these men’s oxfords, so we were accumulating a good number of sleeves and backs.  What to do?  Here is his solution:  aprons.  The aprons are obviously shirts – some even use the collar as part of the waist band.  We also have had a number of vintage 30’s and 40’s hankies.  These work great as the pockets.  The arms are modified and used as the apron ties.  Ever so cute.  If you love them, he has a shop on Etsy.  Go by and email him as I don’t think he has them up yet.  I’ve been informed they are $15.


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