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Sorry – The left brain is blocking the right brain

As most of you know we’ve been working for a year to provide MMcC a proper diagnosis of her specific learning strengths and weaknesses.  I’m worn from the process.  I have great photos of really cool work, but they’ll have to wait until I can rest mentally for a couple of days.  Thank.


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JV and the little red pen

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We arrived at the USC Archaeology lab Monday a little early so we could begin putting THE pot together.  However there was one last step.  Josiah had to number each piece.  Yes, and three hours later we went back home.

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A Literal Timeline of Man

BW is working on a literal timeline of man beginning at three million years ago.  He used electrical tape of various colors to represent various hominoids.  He is now finding photos how they met their various fundamental needs (and the tools they used to do it). On Monday we are going to add temperature to the timeline.  He is going to create one beginning at 40,000 years ago because he thinks that the end has so many things happening that it needs more space.  (He was pleased to know that Dr. Montessori though so, too.)

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Why Books Smell Old

This is one of those things I’ve always wondered about. I had no idea that this is a matter for research. So cool.  While your pondering this, check out the science behind yellowing paper.

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April 22, 2012 · 10:11 PM

Botany has its own language

DW is working on learning how flowers attach to their stems. I might argue some of her choices and one of the photos – well you’ll have to guess what the flower is.  Go out and look around at the immense level of complexity in just this one aspect of botany:

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Across the Ages

We’ve just begun the great lesson of the Coming of Man with the younger guys.  This impressionistic lesson calls the children to recognize the uniqueness of man.  It speaks about the great gifts that man brings to the whole earth.  The chart sets the stage for the next drama in the story of the unfolding of the universe.

It also calls to the child the attention to the tiny amount of time that we have written records.  The upper elementary children were much more interested in the transition in prehistoric to historic.  We wondered what the first words were – numbers, pictographic images.


We’ve spent some time now researching the skull development and progression as well as tool advancements.  Today we are going to put them on a timeline and see how they overlap.  Friday we’ll bring maps into the game.


Meanwhile there is tons of discussion about early man because JV is spending lots of time reading, writing, and working with archaeological materials.

Here are a few of his working shots:

JV washing a piece of "his" pot.

It is a lot of washing.

A piece of his pottery cleaned.


Other artifacts including petrified wood.


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Silk Dyed Eggs

This year we tried silk strips to our eggs.  Mine was a very dark patterned tie wrapped around the eggs.  Ms. JW did a step up by phoning the hubby. Mr. BW stopped by the Goodwill store on the way home.  He chose great 80’s silks.  Here is the recipe and the results:

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