Botany Project

We’ve been working through the classic Montessori botany lessons.  Parallel to the impressionistic lessons the child is exposed to the botany books.  These books are color coded and cover the parts of plants and types of plants.  It does not teach how to classify plants. But it teaches you how to identify the parts of a plant that lead to classification.

BW began working on the parts of the leaf – elementary level.  We added the venation of leaves because we needed a reason to use the nomenclature we were learning.  Ms. JW popped outside during lunch and scoured the yard for different types of leaves – in venation and in shape (that’s next to examine).

There are four types of venation:  Netted, Pinnate, Palmate, and Parallel.  BW spent time classifying the leaves until he had it cold.

During this process Ms. JW and I saw how much he enjoyed it.  We thought he might do well with another, slower time with the leaves.  BW didn’t have much experience in Casa doing sorting work. He has trouble slowing down long enough to observe closely.  To help him with this, we brought out the contact paper and rub-on letters.  Over the next two days BW had sustained interest in this beautiful, artistic, informative way to remember the types of venation.

Here is what ensued:

Organizing the leaves.

BW joining the panels together.

It is work that requires an extreme attention to detail.

Learning how to space and place rub-on letters.

Hanging the nearly finished piece up for inspiration as the tedious process of writing the key of Leaf Venation.



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One response to “Botany Project

  1. myboysteacher34

    Thank you for posting about this. Really great ways to get him to slow down and notice the detail.

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