Angles work continues

BW is having a difficult time with the concept of angles and we have continued to work on angles rather extensively. (He is fascinated by the sides and their lengths and will create an obtuse angle with two sticks only to end up with an acute angle when he chooses the stick color he likes and it is a short stick.  He wants to insist he still has an obtuse angle.

The usual Casa angle works won’t keep him attentive until his eyes are trained to objectively look at the angles, so I’ve begun asking him to figure out the “laws” of closed objects and angles.  The other children keep wandering by.  Occasionally they’ll pull out some sticks to think through BW’s questions at their level.

I write three questions about angles for him to answer each day:

1.  Can you make me a triangle with two obtuse angles?

2. Can you make me a triangle with one right angle?

3.  Can you make me a triangle with two right angles?

When he comes back to report his findings, I ask more questions:

1. How many sides does it take to close a figure with all obtuse angles?

2.  Can an equilateral triangle have a right angle, too?  (Ohhh – all the angles in an equilateral triangle are what type.  Always?)

3.  So what happens if you make a closed figure using the right angles you discovered?  (Squares are part of a larger grouping of four sided objects.  Do you remember their name?  Quadrilaterals. Do all quadrilaterals have right angles?)

Those questions will lead to more questions to appear on his list tomorrow.

His “Laws of Angles” for yesterday were:

1.  All equilateral triangles have acute angles.

2. A pentagon is the smallest figure that can have all obtuse angles.

3. A square and a rectangle both have all right angles.



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2 responses to “Angles work continues

  1. myboysteacher34

    Way to think outside the box! Fun work 🙂

  2. oooh! I know a boy who will love this sort of exploration. thanks for sharing!

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