The Pee Dee is Two Rivers

The region of SC that houses the Kolb site is the ancient coast line for SC. The soil is sandy – at times powdery white dunes can be seen.  The great river that flows through this region is the Pee Dee – which gives its name to the regions watershed.   During colonial time portions of the Wateree and Pee Dee river valleys were given to German settlers.  One of the families was the Kolb family.  Johannas settled on the second river with Pee Dee in its name – the Little Pee Dee river. The river flowed below a bluff winding in a huge ox bow around the bluff.  Over time the ox bow was cut off and the river passed it by.  The marshy area and rainfall have kept the “dead river” as a lake.

We stayed at the Little Pee Dee State Park and loved it!  Here is a photo of the moon rising over the beaver pond.  We wished we’d had more time to explore it.  We were just too tuckered out at the end of the day.  We came to appreciate the fundamental needs of man – and the time it can take to meet those needs.  By the time we got wood up, the fire started, and food out it was dark and falling asleep in our camp chairs.  Although on Thursday we managed to cut four pieces of river cane to fashion marsh mellow sticks.  Amazingly it was harder to find the marsh mellows in the grocery store on the way back to the park than it was to make the staves. That augmented our honey and peanut butter sandwiches, oranges, and tortilla chip dinners.


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