LR sifting at his pit

Wow!  the dirt at the Kolb site looks like light brown sugar and we spent A LOT of time intimately observing it.  We’ve widened our world to encompass archaeologists of the New World.

All the dirt we took out (and those still there are taking out) has to go back into the hole when the two weeks are complete. The hole is two square meters.  The pile of dirt that LR is sifting though a mesh is only two days worth of dirt.  Imagine how hugh our pile was on Friday afternoon.

The paper bag on the sifting table contains artifacts (and potential artifacts) and pebbles.  There are four paper bags assigned to each 5 cm level.  Sometimes there might be one flake in the bag, and sometimes the bag may not be able to contain all the items found.  We, individually, worked with 60 to 70 bags over the course of the week.  Tomorrow we’ll post about what we found (and didn’t).



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  1. Carolyn

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Loving your blog–hope you will keep writing about your experience last week. thanks. Carolyn

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