AV’s Work

AV has been working through his classes at Whitmore School.  He’s completed Freshman English (with an 83 on the state test – not bad for the first scantron test), Fitness, and Stress Management ( both assigned by the school).  He is working his way through Pre-Algebra and Psychology – which he will complete before the end of March.  That leaves Physical Science – I imagine he will be done with his freshman year of highschool before May.

All that said.  It has be interesting to see how he has adapted to time limitations to knowledge. At the moment, he is focused on Psychology and in specific the Rorschach Test.  He has been frustrated that he has to limit his research on topics to around three hours.  He loves to research.  The school would be OK with any amount of time, but he does have goals.  It is also interesting to note that, except in math, he is very frustrated when he does not achieve a one hundred on a lesson.  His average grade over all is a 99.

The other day AV sent around this video – so he still has time to look around a bit:




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