“Climby” and “Grabby”

When I left the classroom, one of the reasons I sighed a contented smile was that I wouldn’t have to put up with the names children give to the classroom pets.  Why do lower elementary children always (yes I used that word) pick the names this way:  “Hey, hey!  Look!  He’s trying to climb over those rocks!  Let’s call him “Climby.””  Universally it is immediately accepted.  These are kids who will wear their clothes backwards or inside out or put glitter on any possible surface of their bodies to make themselves unique and different.  What is the reason for this mystery!

Here we are again.

Meet the two long term residents of the biome tank:






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2 responses to ““Climby” and “Grabby”

  1. We finally had to make a rule at our house. After considering all input, Mom names all the animals. Now, we have a family of delightfully diversely named pets. And we’re all happy.

    • EV

      I like that rule. Considering AV has named himself King of Entropy during Minecraft, I’m not sure that teens are ready to be naming the animals either. I may have to implement this rule in the future.

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