All in a Day’s Work

One of AV’s jobs at the S.C. Aquarium is to identify specimens that are brought in by patrons.  He has become adept at skull ID and even asked for this App for Christmas. (I can not encourage you enough to get this app!)  He also uses the Skulls Unlimited Catalogue (worth getting, too)!

Recently, when we were hunting we ran across a partial skeleton. AV put it aside to work with at the Aquarium.  It took about four hours to assemble these front paws.

Initially we thought it was a fox.  As he assembled the bones, it became obvious that the paws were not formed in the manner that we thought the fox’s would be formed.

AV’s boss was great and began looking for a coon’s paws.  No dice. He found an image made in the 1700’s that was not good enough quality to use as a road map.

So back to matching bones from scratch.  Eventually almost all the bones were assembled to form the two front paws of the coon.

I think he is ready for the archeology trip next week!



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