DW – Hydroponics

The trip to the hydroponic garden included the entire home school group.  It was extremely cold that day, but as soon as I walked into the greenhouse I began to wish I had worn shorts and a T-shirt.

The first thing I noticed were the tomato vines with tomatoes along the bottom; the owners had wrapped them among the bottom so when the tomatoes were ripe they were easier to pick. Down one row they had planted cucumbers, huge cucumbers.

Among the cucumbers there were ” bee hives.” Bee hives were actually cardboard boxes full of bees and larvae.  Every couple of months they have to replace the hive.

Not only do they grow tomatoes and cucumbers, they also grow lettuce and basil. After our tour we bought lettuce, tomatoes, and a cucumber. The lettuce and tomatoes were delicious on a salad. You could taste the difference between the store bought ones and the hydroponics.


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