Plants! Plants! Rulers!

We are working through the Montessori Botany Lessons using the Botany Charts.  I’ve asked the children to create their own renditions of the charts. This helps me assess what they have taken from the lessons and helps them work through precision in the elementary.

Here is an excellent video discussing the purpose of the charts and the proper order for discussions: first the real world and then the impressionistic chart.

Along with these charts there are a series of demonstrations (not experiments).  BW couldn’t bear to allow his bean seedlings to die.  Initially we were looking at root hairs and the way they grow.  To do this we inserted five seeds into a small glass beaker filled with sand.  We covered the glass with dark papers and made sure the sand was damp.  In no time, BW was excited.  There they were – all five sprouted!

We’ve gone ahead and planted them in a pot.  BW has named them and drawn a key so he can keep track of his names.  He then measures growth each time he visits.  This is where we are.  He is carefully watching the growth of the plants.  He is observing how beans grow their leaves.  There was a near casualty to one of the five which has brought us to additional discussion meristematic tissue.



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3 responses to “Plants! Plants! Rulers!

  1. As always, thanks for this! I didn’t know about the videos from on youtube.

  2. Cara Chance

    Thanks for taking the time to share! I appreciate that I can find good ideas here.

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