AV – the work of the hands

Since our boys are now teens, my husband and I have been struck with the resemblance to the three to six phase that we remember in them ahhh so many years ago.

AV attacked the process of redoing a roadside find into the bottom of a sewing desk for JV.  He sanded it and painted it a soft blue – 2 coats.

He took his skateboard up the street to a house that was being renovated. They had tossed out a piece the kitchen upper cabinets. He hauled it into the house and he and Ms. J pulled out the nails and then we all went to look through the paint options and find the sandpaper.  I did have to ask that it go outside for sanding. The boys have done it in the house before.  Sigh.

He got it rehabbed and all his school work completed in one day.  He needs the practical life work to settle his mind just like a 3 to 6 year old.


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One response to “AV – the work of the hands

  1. Grandma

    Great job Andrew! He is like his Pappa Vice, needs hands on to balance out mind work!

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