BW – Abstraction of Multiplication

BW has begun abstraction of the checkerboard.  It is an exciting week in our life here.  He decided he didn’t need get the material out today and so he and his pencil work on two problems.

The red circle is to denote moving up to the tens place when multiplying the multiplicand.

We are also reviewing addition by adding his answers together to find out how many watermelons and edamame pods he has.

Just so we are on the same page.  BW is seven. So not the expectations of 7 year olds in our area.



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3 responses to “BW – Abstraction of Multiplication

  1. I always get goose pimples when this happens in class – it’s just so natural and truly hits home what ‘points of arrival’ are.
    I was given a presentation on ‘cross multiplication’ when children abstract multiplication. Do you have this presentation? I find making the lines in the colours of the hierarchy cumbersome, but the children seem to love it.

  2. EV

    We have the lesson. I think I have only given it once to a rather adept child in first year upper. It is one of the last lessons in my upper manual. My personal children don’t love math and wouldn’t find this remotely fun. BR found it interesting but didn’t take to it. I think he was still really doing serial addition in his head – just really fast, so this was more tedious than challenging. I wonder if he would find it more interesting now – 2 years later?

    When do you present it? How do you find that it works?

    • Most of the children that I have presented it to have in fact been in their upper elementary years, so you are quite right on that one.
      This year however, I have one child who is 8 who has taken to it and enjoys the work.

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