Working on Skip Counting…

otherwise known as memorizing multiplication tables

BW is working on learning his multiplication tables.  In Montessori lessons, there must be at least two purposes.  This expectation would nix the use of rote memorization.  The second reason we don’t work on the flash card system of learning the multiplication tables is that it leads to quick recall but no understanding.  I had a mom stop by the other day for me to show her daughter that 5 x 3 and 3 x 5 were the same thing.  Wrote memory works wonders for speed but fails as the need to manipulate numbers grows.

So, beyond the chains and skip counting them how can we reinforce the multiples.  One way that has worked wonders for our very active BW is tossing a ball back and forth while calling out the skip counting numbers.  We’ve tried this with several different children and all of the children have stopped at one point or another to write down the number pattern 3, 6, 9, _2, _5, _8,  _1, _4, 7, _8, _0, _3, _6….   This has led to great conversations and more practice.


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