DW – looks at a cedar

Cedar Tree

Cedar is a fragrant wood, that keeps bugs away. There are 17 different types of cedar, including the Cyprus Cedar and Eastern White Cedar to name common ones. Cedar symbolizes healing, cleansing, and protection. Cedar does not rot because it keeps bugs and moths away. It does this by  making a toxic poison to bugs, the strength increases by age. Cedar grows all over North America.
People make cedar chests to keep clothing in; it makes clothes smell good and protects it from moths. The smell is created by oils the cedar produces. The smell is calming to people and reduces stress. The Cherokee have a legend were they wish it was always day; they receive this wish from the creator. They soon wish it was always night; again they receive this wish from the creator. People began to starve and die. The Cherokees begged that the creator make it the way it was before they made the wishes. The creator gave them this wish, but in remembrance of the death of his people the creator created a tree which was the cedar. The wood is the color of blood, for the people that died. The cedar is now sacred. The Cherokees use it for medicine, weaving, red dye, canoes, and lacing. Cedar is an amazing tree and has been used for years.

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