Learning Math from Your Face

One of the outcomes of BW’s looking at the patterns in the Pythagoras Decanomial was a discussion about the proportion in living things.  He was shocked when in passing I mentioned that one’s nose bridge is normally the same width as one’s eyes.  We had to get a mirror.  Our final outcome was to tape a sheet protector to the mirror and get and overhead pen to trace our faces ever so carefully.

BW’s mom is an accomplished artist and she and he analyzed where the eyes are located on the face.  How many eyes tall is the face – how about wide.

She then pulled out a real ruler and actually measured the math of the face.

BW was amazed at the real measurements of a face vs. what he thought a face looked like.

We wrote them as both fractions and ratios.

How many heads is your body?

How many noses is your head?

Where do you eyes fall in relation to your whole head.

What is the same width as your mouth?

What is the same height as your mouth?

What about your eyebrows?

What about your ears?


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