BW and DW Hittite Projects

BW and DW teamed up to look at the rise and fall of the Hittite civilization.  It is interesting to look at BW’s lower elementary project which was very focused on the fundamental needs.  DW’s upper el look was aimed at the story of their rise and fall.

The Hittites are an ancient civilization in Anatolia. The capital was Hattusa, in northern Anatolia. The Hittites were not native in the area they settled, they were from Europe. They had a kingdom from 1750-1450 B.C, from that point they made an empire which fell 1200 B.C.

Before the Hittites, three civilizations owned the land: Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and Nubbians. Then the Hittites moved from Europe. No one knows which country they came from, or when. All we know is they began growing. Soon the Hittites began to build an empire.

The Hittites made Hattusa in a very surprising place. In the middle of a mountain range it was miles away from a river. At first, archaeologists did not know how anyone could call this place home. The Hittites chose this place because it had natural protection. Even the protection the earth gave them was not enough, the Hittites built huge walls. Inside the wall the Hittites had a kingdom of order and rule. The Hittites had brutal punishments for rule breakers, and the gods had horrible punishments as well. The Hittite rulers made a vow, called the vow of brotherhood. It was made to the two main gods; the storm god, Teshub, and the sun goddess, Hebet.

Once the Hittites had the capital city of their future empire built, they began conquering cites. The Hittites and the ancient Egyptians were the highest super powers, and enemies. The Hittites and the Egyptians went to war. The Hittites made an amazing technological advancement. They moved the chariot wheel to the middle. Now the Hittite chariot could hold three people instead of one. With the new chariot, the Hittites crashed through the Egyptian army. It was a great victory for the Hittites.

When the Hittite army got back, the commanding general, prince Hattushili, was now a hero. The king was jealous of his victory, and began to strip the Hattushili’s power. Hattushili found out that the king wanted to make him powerless, so Hattushili sent the king into exile. A Hittite civil war began, all because the vow of brotherhood was broken. For a few generations the civil war continued. The people in Hattusa began to starve, until the Hittites knew it was over for them and empire. They burned all the important buildings, and took all their special things.

The Hittites walked out of the history books, and were lost for thousands of years. Hattusa was not discovered until 1893, and until 1906 no excavations were done in Hattusa. And today archaeologists are discovering more and more about the lost Hittite empire.

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