BW’s project on States

BW had a rough time with the maps when he was in Casa and is a bit behind where Montessori children usually are  in Elementary.  He has been working to overcome the deficiencies.  He has been reading a good bit about the various US states and quizzing about geographical, historical, and cultural information about the states.  He decided that he wanted to find out which was the largest state and then wanted to compare Alaska and other states.  We settled on a graph.

It has always amazed me that you have to teach graphing in math.  In my experience, kids love graphing things and with a little guidance can do it.  The practical aspect of them graphing something in which they  are interested aids in their learning how to do it.

He really stuck with it.  He did several each day until he was done.  He insisted on reading the name of each state as he presented.


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  1. 50 States Design Project

    Wow. I love this. We are of like mind. You might enjoy my 50 states design project.

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