Prokaryotic Cells

After spending some time studying eukaryotic cells and the simple creatures made from them, we’ve moved on to prokaryotic cells.   We’ve created from objects in my house the parts of the cell.

This colander was used for the nucleus because it had holes to represent the pores that the mRNA pass through.  The tan yarn is the DNA and barely visible is the dish strainer that represents the nucleolus.

The cell:  Endoplasmic Reticulum is the red tulle that is sewn to create the pocketed shape.  Some of the green ribosomes can fit into the pockets while other are floating through the cytoplasm (the white rug). The mitochondria are the silver tart containers.  The lysosomes (empty) are the silver marbles or larger glass marbles (full).  The Golgi body is constructed from golden ribbon that is stitched to create the undulating shape.  The lysosomes can fit into the loops to represent the packaging and release of items the cell is making or breaking down.  The purple yarn represents the cell membrane.  We chose to use two wraps of the yarn to represents the double layer of lipids that make up most of the cell membrane.

We created “Who Am I” game cards for each part of the cell.


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