The SC Aquarium meets BW

BW has been studying jellyfish for a week or so.  Last Friday afternoon, the W family came to the SC Aquarium and met with one of the educators – Jon, who happens to be AV’s boss.

Jon took special time to meet with BW and discuss polyps and captive breeding of jellyfish.

The SC Aquarium is a great resource for the community.  They really take their education mandate seriously.

It is Scarium Aquarium this month – BW and his sister DW dressed the part.

While they were there, they also made a trade at the Trading Post.  The trading post is an area of the Aquarium where children (or adults) can bring items from nature and trade for other items from nature.  If they want, they can bank their points.  This allows them to accumulate points to trade for items of higher value.  We have everything from pinecones to rare fossils, to sharks’ teeth, to snakes’ sheds, to bones from all kinds of animals.



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