Beyond the Grammar Boxes

Montessori Elementary’s grammar curriculum  is famous for the uber expensive grammar boxes.  Children work out the parts of the sentence by using these very carefully constructed boxes.  In AV’s case, the guide had the set of boxes but she told her class she didn’t understand them.  Sigh.   Anyway.  I just brought that up because the grammar boxes each have an additional box that every kid really likes.  It is a “command” box.  The children learn the various part of a sentence by acting out the sentences.  This week we were looking at Indirect Objects.  I was excited to watch the kids put together a “theater” for us.

BW was the narrator.  The girls acted out the sentences and IDed the indirect objects.  Here are a few of the sentences:

I lend my friend a quarter to go to the store. (I love the Montessori joke with a real quarter and the quarter circle.)


Bring Queen Elizabeth a glass of water.


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