BW and the Dinos – encouraging writing Montessori style

BW presented his dinosaur project this afternoon.  He has been doggedly pursuing the completion of this project. His mother and I have been working with him to expand his writing ability.  To that end, daily BW begins his day by researching a dinosaur.  Once he finds one in the time period he wants, he creates an outline of information.  We chose to take this route because he doesn’t need complete sentences and it aids in organizing thought.  I’ve often found for first year elementary students this works well.  The Animal Question Game is an excellent source of direction for points for the outline.  Once BW finished his outline, he would stand beside an adult and translate his thoughts into complete sentences.

Here are a couple:


The coelophysis lived in a moist environment.  Their fossils have been found in Arizona and New Mexico.  It ran very fast.  They were cannibalistic and they would hunt other creatures. These dinosaurs could barely turn around in my room because they were ten feet long.  These weighed less than my greyhound!


Triceratops are herbivores which means they ate plants.  Triceratops reproduced by eggs.  The scientific word is oviparous.  Triceratops had huge horns, longer than swords and a giant neck frill to protect their neck from being rammed.  They also had huge, strong legs and a giant beak for grinding up food.  They had very good protection.  They lived in giant herds for protection.  They also used their frill for protection.  They protected their nests and only left their nesting grounds when their young were old enough to join the herd.  They would protect the young in the herd by circling around.

Tyrannosaurus  Rex

They ate mainly dead animals, but they would eat live dinosaurs as well.  Its body was huge.  It had a humongous head and a huge strong tail to help counterbalance the front part of its body.  It also had huge hind legs to help support the huge body.  It had short, wimpy little arms.  They reproduced by eggs/oviparous.


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