Four Planes of Development – Part 4

Dr. Montessori spent so much of her life watching children – thinking – wondering.  She began to notice patterns and began to note her observations.  She summarized her observations into discussions about the various ages.  She grouped them into four planes – or sections of grouped developmental growth.

Eighteen to Adult Developmental Plane

 “I will do what I can.”

Goal: to enter their great cosmic task

Method: to provide the impetus to see that there are contributions that outlast we can make that outlasts ourself.

Work: great ability for physical & mental activity

Health: healthy – strength and speed

View of the Complexity of Life: Grey are as are explored

Core Goal Satisfies: Spirit

Notes: Practicality in life. Focus on  the  integration the world into the focus of a purpose.  Awareness of their potential to causes greater than themselves and an appreciation of  those who have come before.


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