JV Making a Reusable Produce Bag.

JV’s English class had an assignment where he was to make something.  He chose to make a veggi bag.  We’ve been trying to find ways not to use the plastic bags at the grocery store.  He had to make the bag from directions provided on the internet. He chose the Reusable Produce Bag at Mother Earth News.

There were issues with the directions.  He had to look a few things up and ask advice a couple of time.  The assignment asked that he revise the directions.  Here is how you make a reusable produce bag.

Your assignment is to try it and let us know how his instructions can be improved.


  1. Start with a rectangular piece of 12” wide by 24” long fabric.  
  2. Fold it in half with the outside facing out.
  3. For a French seam, measure 1/4″ from out sides of the fabric on one side. Mark a few sighting lines. Pin the material together.
  4. Do this all the way up each side.
  5. Sew the two halves together down the line on the insides of your bag.
  6. Reverse the bag. So the wrong side is out.
  7. Measure 1/2″ from out sides of the fabric.
  8. Make guide markings and pin the fabric if you feel the need.
  9. Sew both seams. This traps the raw edges of the sheer fabric and this completes the seam nicely.
  10. The top of the bag is finished off with a traditional hem (diagram 5). You do this by folding the top rim to the outside. (About a quarter of an inch should be folded over.)
  11. Iron this fold then repeat step 10 and 11. This time the fold should be about an inch.
  12. Sew along the bottom of the two folds all the way around, you should have gap in-between the fabric and the rim the ribbon will go though this.
  13. Cut a slit just in the folded over portion and run a ribbon through the hole. Do not cut through the back of the folded over portion.
  14. You may choose to whip stitch the hole you have created to decrease the chance of fraying.
  15. Add the ribbon.  Knot the two ends together to keep the ribbon from being pulled back through.



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