Four Planes of Development – Part Two

Dr. Montessori spent so much of her life watching children – thinking – wondering.  She began to notice patterns and began to note her observations.  She summarized her observations into discussions about the various ages.  She grouped them into four planes – or sections of grouped developmental growth.  The first plane is here.

Six to Twelve Developmental Plane

“We’ll do this together.”

Goal:  to develop the power to reason and have judgement.  – through creation of the establishment of information connections.
Method:  to develop the ability to imagine and function in community.
Work:  the child has a great compacity to work.
Health: healthy – quick movement
View of the Complexity of Life:  Right or Wrong
Core Goal Satisfies:  Community

Notes:  Friendship and social awareness –  the child finds a friend then finds some work they both can do. Learns they can do more in community than alone.

Characteristics of Six to Twelve:

  • Body healthy and strong
  • Greater Stamina
  • Tendency to rudeness
  • Great capacity for work
  • Moral development
  • Peer responsiveness
  • Love of culture
  • Creative imagination
  • Abstraction
  • Reason
  • Need to explore the community.
  • Want to know WHY, HOW and WHEN
  • Imagination and reasoning to the abstract
  • Matrix of information connection establishment
  • Strong Peer Influence
  • Insecure, rude, noisy, disinterest in societal rules
  • Added to prepared environment the going out experiences placed within the concept of the cosmic education universe
  • Explores wider society:  outside family – beyond the senses and are inspired by the imagination
  • Order necessary to develop powers of reason to develop powers of judgement
  • Communication develops to offer opportunities for research – for the development of knowledge and for exploring life in society
  • Activity with Imagination – enormous capacity for work

Sensitive period for: Acquire Culture, Spirituality-Morality, Coordination of Movement, and    Group Affiliation


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