DW visits a college professor

DW is looking deeply at the creation of the modern archetype.  She is studying early English literature through the Arthurian Tales.  She has read much of Beowulf, all of Sir Gowan and the Green Knight, the preface to the Canterbury Tales and the Nun’s Priest’s Tale.  She has also looked at Scottish faire tales and the Brother’s Grimm Tales.  She has taken the time to look at several character’s archetypes.  On her own she listed about 25 or 30 characters from the Harry Potter books and provided each with his own primary archetype.  That was rather impressive and well reasoned. I called and spoke with the chair of the English department at the College of Charleston, Dr. Trish Ward, who specializes in early and middle English literature and fantasy narratives like the Narnia series and the Harry Potter series and The Lord of the Rings.  She was very gracious and agreed to meet with us.


Randolph Hall

DW wrote a series of questions out and made sure she had her list of characters and archetypes.  We chatted with Dr. Ward for quite some time ranging in topics from the Pearl Poet’s origin and the conquest of his part of England by the Normans to the deep question as to what house would the Sorting Hat have chosen for you.

We had a very positive and fruitful experience.



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