And on a schedule.

The school year has officially begun.


What does our world look like for this year?  Thanks for asking.

My family of origin’s health has been touchy for quite some time, and it is coming to a climax.  We are anticipating traveling about four hours to their home quite a bit, and I need to be available to make that trip without worrying about letting other families down.  The boys’ dad really wants them to have a diploma recognized by the state of SC. (I know home school diplomas are.  Let’s not go down that road.) He went to a college whose diplomas weren’t recognized universally and this has been frustrating in his search for a masters.  Sooooooooooooo.  They found a school that is online and free!  Whoooo hooo.  It is the Whitmore School.  I agreed to let them try it because the students must work to mastery (read do it until they get it correct) and the students only work on a maximum of three classes at any given time.  I’m sure there will be more to say about this later.

We’ve lost AR, BR, and LR from our site.  Their mom had to go back to work so they are off to “regular” school.  And as all Montessori kids, they are ahead in many things, behind in a few, and making the transition.

The W family is visiting regularly and working a great deal from home.   BW is as you have seen dedicating his year to the study of time.  DW is looking at the history of the English Language and the History of Europe in the process.



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