Ethnobotany – oh my

Wow.  My vacation was like taking a grad-level seminar. Off the family headed to Firefly.  I thought that my Botany teaching skills were lacking and that this class would really help.  Mark Williams, Robin Allison, Sandi Ford, Natalie Bogwalker, Alan Muskat, and James Veteto.  Soooooo. much learning.

Day 1:  Plant classification; parts of the leaf, flower, and placement on stems;  plant walk describing 25 trees and shrubs and 20 annuals.

Day 2:  Uses of plants to meet fundamental material needs;  mushrooms classification and fungi walk.

Day 3:  Nutrition and food; making herbal salves; fermentation

Day 4:  An historical approach to ethnobotany.

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  1. Leah Crosby

    Beautiful pics!

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