Writing for a Volunteer-driven Camp – part 2


When I listened to volunteers give feed back on out of the box VBS programs they had been involved with,  I heard about the camaraderie and stress of meeting the various age groups needs.  When I listened to the children, I found that anyone under the age of six was really happy.  But as the age began to go up so did the dis-satisfaction levels.  As I pondered the dilemma of burning out adults and dis-satisfied children,  I thought about the developmental needs of children and wondered where the children were being let down.

Three to Six Developmental Plane

“Help me do it myself.”

Goal: to transfer power to the child.  – empowerment through transparent lessons.

Method:  to guide the child to strengthen their muscles and control their will.

Work:  the child rests in order to work.

Health:   Illness – strengthening immune system

View of the Complexity of Life:   Defense of the Self

Core Goal Satisfies: Physical

Notes: When instructing, leave them  begging for more. Let them have independence.


Six to Twelve Developmental Plane   

“We’ll do this together.”

Goal:  To develop the power to reason and have judgement.  – through creation of the establishment of information connections.

Method:   To develop the ability to imagine and function in community.

Work:  The child has a great compacity to work.

Health:  healthy – quick movement

View of the Complexity of Life: Right or Wrong

Core Goal Satisfies:  Community

Notes:   Friendship and social awareness – The child finds a friend then finds  some work they both can do.  Learns they can do more in community than alone.


Same goal, yet not together.

Twelve to Eighteen Developmental Plane

“I can do this better than anyone else.”

Goal: To provide opportunities to search for their tendencies to match their cosmic task.

Method:  To enhance the ability of the intellect to understand information and relationships.

Work:  The child needs more rest

Health:  Illness – physiological changes

View of the Complexity of Life:  Black and White

Core Goal Satisfies:  Psyche

Notes:  The child is vulnerable again due to the physical and emotional changes and the innate knowledge that they are soon enter the greater society.  Want to be recognized for the individual they are.


Eighteen to Adult Developmental Plane

“I will do what I can.”

Goal:  to enter their great cosmic task

Method:  to provide the impetus to see that there are contributions that outlast we can make that outlasts ourself.

Work:  great ability for physical & mental activity

Health: healthy – strength and speed

View of the Complexity of Life:  Grey are as are explored

Core Goal Satisfies: Spirit

Notes:  Practicality in life. Focus on  the  integration the world into the focus of a purpose.  Awareness of their potential to causes greater than themselves and an appreciation of  those who have come before.


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