Working with the Hands

It just dawned on me this morning that a child growing up today could live their lives without ever seeing something hand made – much less absorbing skills from one generation to another.  This is worrisome.


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  1. THAT is why I teach my students to knit – both boys and girls. They love it, and we do it while we wait for busses. Some finish, some don’t. They got the biggest kick out of me cutting a plastic bag into one continuous strip and then knitting a rectangle that I later made into another bag. I also started a school garden two year ago, and this year they planted carrots. Some were ready by the time school was coming to an end – once they saw me pick one they were sooooooo excited that “the seeds worked.” One girl couldn’t wait and sampled hers before we went in and washed them. I also had them make friendship bracelets for the last craft hope project and they made over 100. I am thankful to work for a principal who believes that these are also valuable lessons.

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