Enter into Confidence

The Firefly Gathering is open for registration.  This inexpensive event is a wonderful gathering of a wide variety folks near Asheville, NC.

The whole family went last year and had a great time.

Why should you go back to camp and why should you take kids to something like this?

When we went, the boys knew quite a bit about the world of nature.  They had seen me do some things with a knife or fire or vines.  They had a few skills that helped them in a natural world.  I had been careful about sending them out into their grandparent’s woods to learn how to move in nature and be observant and find their way around.

As it stands, they could well make it through their lives without adding any skills.

But now, they have confidence that they never had before.  They feel that they can look at the situation that arrises and better plan for what should be done. They have had practice with tools that they didn’t have a lot of opportunity to use before.  They have met real self-confidence (not just cockiness).  They have heard stories of people who had a crisis and overcame it creatively. Whether or not AV will ever use 19th century tools to make a post and beam structure is doubtful or that he will need to know which woods can be used in conjunction to build a more rot resistant structure, but he could.  What will be more important will be the relationships he has formed and the knowledge he has gained about himself.

The children are more confident.

Come join us.

Here are a few links from our visit last year. We went to the “intensive” for one topic in the week prior to Firefly.  This year it follows the event.  We are looking at forge and pottery making.

Photos by AV  The Brain Tanning Intensive:  Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4.


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