AR – the over achiever

In the recent project presentation, AR and BW had many topics to cover and the imaginary island project is not normally assigned to a first or second year ever because there are many, many topics to synthesize in the creation of a functional imaginary island.

AR and BW were to mainly work on the secondary land and water forms and where in the scheme of things these forms can be found.

Upon completion of the book of land and water forms, AR decided that she wanted to create an imaginary island, too.  She chose an island located off the coast of Peru. She researched Peru without thinking about the biomes found in Peru.  When she finally realized this, she dug deep and discovered some remarkable things that changed her island completely.  It wasn’t lush and tropical; it was a desert!  It was covered in bat and bird poop!

She did a remarkable job working through her problems and adjusting to new findings.

AR redid her bamboo tropical house; now, a cave covered in poop!

AR created a wool and stick doll that is given to the children to play with but has talisman qualities.

Her religion is based off of the birds who migrate to her island. This is a gourd mask.

After it was all said and done, AR blew off a bit of steam on JV's bamboo flute.


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