On to the next step in presentations

The children have been working on their “final exams.”  This exam is the culmination of the year’s work and is an imaginary island.  They have created their Prezi presentations. We have begun creating their themes for their talks and their hand work.  We are looking at early civilizations’s abilities and uses for materials.  We’ve begun working with gourds, making snares, working with bones to create tools, making models of volcanos and homes, preparing cat tails to dry for making a model boat, creating gods, and wondering how skins would hold water.

One of the great hurtles that early man had to overcome was how to affix items for short periods of time.  The solution was cordage.  We are obsessed.

AR, JV, and BW making rope. Its addicting. At one point everyone except Ms. ER was making cordage. I was actually making thread to patch a broken gourd piece.

Now, you know you want to go try this.


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