Visiting USC for the Archeology Society of SC

We spent the morning downtown at the farmer’s market. Not only was it opening day but there was a wonderful band playing. As part of the lead up to the 150th anniversary, the 8th Regimental band fro Rome, GA. The participants dress in uniforms from both sides. The band plays on period pieces. We saw instruments that we had never seen before.

After a quick trip to the house, JV and I headed off to Columbia to attend the annual meeting of the Archeology Society of SC a special lecture on the Kolb site. We got here in time to catch the tail end of a lecture on the Mars Bluff Confederate Naval Yard and the hunt for some scuttled ships and their guns.   After a short break, we reconvened to hear from people we had met at the Kolb Site. The lectures covered topics ranging from when did the Kolbs move to the PeeDee region (They were Welsh and came with a land grant given to the Welsh all along the PeeDee.) to the types of animal bones, sizes, state, and possible methods for acquiring the animals for food. The only archeologist that the state of SC employs, Sean Taylor, presented last and gathered everyone outside to show methods of discussing paleolithic and neolithic technology with students and clients.


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