What do I read (That is not a book)?

My sister-in-law and I were having a conversation about helpful and just plain fun blogs.  As I was composing an email to her,  I realized so others might like the foray into my mind.  I’m sure I’ve left out someone I will regret leaving out.

On my Apple Top Sites Page:

The BBC – I read the BBC and the local paper each morning, and I used to read the NY Times (until they went pay) and the Guardian (it just fell away) as well. I usually watch AlJazeera as well.  If you have a non-drama driven news outpost, please let me know.  I’m grieving not having the Times.

TitusOneNine – Kendel Harmon’s blog that ranges through most topics but pays special attention to the Anglican Communion.

GetReligion – a blog about “ghosts” of religion in news coverage.  It finds lots of under-reported stories.

InternetMonk – Good discussions about God, Jesus, Bible, satan (Incidentally, did you know you can answer and children’s sunday school question with one of those answers?) and culture.

Montessori Muddle – An EXCELLENT site on things that are of interest to 12 to 15 year-olds.  That doesn’t sound quite correct.  The posts cover everything from a rap about Keynesian Economics (no really, go find it) to the revolutions in the middle east, to field trips that an ErdKinder in Tennessee undertakes.

Daily Trending with me  (They are on my front page but are new and I’m not sure they will last.)

The Green Phone Booth – Being human and living practically responsibly

Food Politics – A food policy lobbyist with a history.  It is interesting to see the perspective of history in consumer politics.

Browse Each Day

Sojourners – a progressive view of Faith, Politics, and Culture

Church Marketing Sucks – just because I have a past job life that this touches and it makes me smile

HomeEc101 – My quick read home how to.  I learned about spatchcocking a chicken here.

SouthernSavers – Although the way we purchase food and clothing/house goods etc. does not lend to couponing, I like to think I am trying to save money.

Art of Manliness – AWESOME site.  Not just for men.  It has great history, rhetoric, philosophical, and practical articles.

Almost UnSchoolers – Very creative homeschool work.

What Did We Do All Day? – Sweet Montessori-directed learning.

Montessori Beginnings – A home deeply informed by a Montessori philosophy and the guts to carry it out.

Three Plus Two – This site helps keep me focused across a wide spectrum of ages.

Montessori Matters – This site is on a hold of sorts as the author is trying not to fry in Bergamo’s AMI Elementary Training class. I commend this site to anyone who is considering the philosophy of Montessori not just the practice.

Random sites I regularly browse or use as a resource and thought were too good to leave out.

Cakewrecks – Not always child friendly, however their spelling and grammar days are favorites with the kids.  I even received a cakewreck Christmas cake from DW.

Steam Punk Home – I enjoy steampunk’s visual ethos.

Next Nature – The way man interacts with the world around him and the design outcomes of it.

Feminists For Life – Worth thinking about because either side of the debate gets offended by the putting together of words for this blog’s title.

BioLogos – An interesting thoughtful middle way through the pathos driven rhetoric.

Indexed – Life drawn in graphics on a 3 x 5 card.

LaPaz Farm – Excellent homeschool site – great art and nature journaling.  We did our ocean studies last year with her family.


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  1. Seems like some very interesting sites.

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