The Concentration of the Child

To be deeply absorbed by a work – consumed by it – is a valued (dare I say sacred) event in the education of the child.  Here is BW learning how to whittle with AV’s knife.  He is making a “spear” point from privet.

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3 responses to “The Concentration of the Child

  1. I recently purchased a toy ceramic pyramid with a coffin and canopic jars buried within. It comes with a chisel and hammer for the child to excavate the coffin and the other items within.

    My 4 year old started working with his chisel and hammer and refused to get up even after 5 hrs. We had to force him to take a dinner break. The next day, it was the same story. He sat continuously for 6 hrs, except for taking breaks to visit the loo. In the end, he was not exhausted, but was rather excited and says that this is the only activity he wants to do for the entire week.

    I am delighted :).

  2. Leah Crosby

    I love the tongue action. A sign of intense concentration!

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