Time in the woods – The Kolb Dig Site

We bunked on Friday evening in Hartsville at the Landmark Inn.  Our day on Saturday began with a visit to Coker College’s green space to play a bit of soccer. We proceeded to visit Ms. ER’s relatives who gave us an extensive tour of the Brown Pennington and Atkins Funeral Home.  We enjoyed the tour immensely. We covered everything from social expectations, to the grief process, to the reasons for vaults, the difference among caskets, the handling of a body upon death, organ harvesting, cremation, and the history funerals in the South.  It was fascinating.

When we left at 10:00, we headed through Darlington and saw the track where there we people tailgating for the afternoon race.

As we headed deep into the PeeDee region of SC towards Mechanicsville, newly planted wheat fields glowed green as if lit by some underground neon light. The Kolb site is located about three miles down a dirt road in a DNR wildlife management site.  It is situated on a bluff overlooking what has now become an ox bow lake (or a dead river).  It would be a grave mistake to try to drive a sports car to the site. (Once we arrived home, my husband took one look at the mud splatter on the car and gasped.)  I was proud of the Vibe.  It managed it really well.

Fuz making fire

Upon arrival the boys and I were excited to see friends from Rivercane and Firefly.  We hung out with Keith Grenoble and cooked in his clay pots.  Keith had a leg of a wild hog he sliced chunks off of to cook in his pots.

We paused from the cooking long enough to watch Fuz make fire. It was one of the most instructive lessons I’ve seen in a long time.

Then it seemed everyone scattered to the winds.  AV went back to Keith and buried a pear with some hot rocks to see about pit roasting methods. JV and BR went over to see if they could help with the archeology. LR and Ms. ER went to see the 18th century demonstrator.  AR and DW went to the pottery area to work on formation of pinch and slab pots.  The kids would cycle back by Keiths and eventually left the bags near his fire as they clamored up and down the bluff working themselves through the underbrush learning how to move in nature.

BW had watched Scott Jones presentation of how arrows and spears were made.  He set off to make his own spear.  He created a shaft and formed an insertable point.  We consulted with Keith and decided to temper the wood a bit.  To help BW with that, Kieth stuck a piece of meat on the stick and BW roasted the prize.  Soon the other children wanted to roast meat.  This required some knife skills.  AR and BW had some basic knife skill lessons and each found a “living” stick to form into a skewer.  BR tried his hand at it as did other children. The pear was wonderful pit roasted.  Several of the children tried roasting pear over the fire, to varying degrees of success.

JV found two good sized scrapers in his sifting job in the pit. We left around 3:30 more peaceful, confident, and deeply pleased by the time we were able to spend at the dig site.

As we piled in the cars, we made a snap decision to visit the home of A Man Named Pearl and see his topiary gardens. Wow! what that man has done with nature!  Spectacular.  It is one of those things that will come back to be parts of discussions later.  He had oaks grafted back into themselves creating various shapes; yews, live oaks, boxwoods – you name it, he has created whimsical shapes out of it.

One last stop was at the Summerton Diner for home cooking done right. Boy howdy.


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