Going Out Again – this time to Greenville, SC

We are getting ready to go on the road again.

On Thursday we are heading West to Greenville, SC for another overnight trip.



  • 12:30      Meet at ER’s home
  • 1:00        Leaving from ER’s home
    • Video – A Man Called Pearl (relating to our recent garden visit to Pearl’s garden)
    • Video 2 – the silent film:  Faust
    • Video 3 – the Life videos that have not been watched
  • 4:30+  Arriving in Greenville
  • 5:30     Meeting at the Falls Park – play for AR and BR (snack), dinner for others
  • 6:15      Return to hotel to prepare for opera and dinner (30 minutes prep time)
  • 7:15      Arrive at Bob Jones – swap cars
  • 7:30     AR, BR and Ms. ER head to Restorante Bergamo for dinner
  • 8:00     Faust begins
  • 11:00    Return to hotel


What to pack for this trip

In your Keep-With-You-Always backpack (except to dinner or opera)

Water bottle, drawing pad, pencils, gallon zip-lock baggie, bilo bag, camera.

In a SMALL overnight bag – we are only need items for 2 days and 1 night:

1.  Toiletries and night clothes.

2.  Opera or fine dining attire. (These may be hung not folded.)

3.  Nice collared shirt and long pants (NO JEANS).  High’s will be in the low 70’s and low’s will be in the upper 40’s.

You may bring no electronic gaming devices, MP3 players, I-pads or DVD players.  Books, finger chaining and car games are a wonderful way to spend the trip.  No candy may be brought on the trip.  However, a SMALL quantity of a healthful snack may be packed.


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