Overnight Going Out to the Kolb Dig

The children have shown deep interest in geology and botany this year and come h-e-double-hockey-sticks or high water we will be looking at the Rise of Civilizations this year.  To this end we are going to look at the Kolb Archeological Site near Darlington, SC. The first half of March is the time that is devoted to furthering the understanding of this site.  The last occupation of the site was in the colonial period by Mr. Kolb.  However the site has artifacts which date back 11,000 years.  The great thing is that they let anyone dig with the archeologists.  SCORE!

Here is the information provided to the children.

My Expectations of Behavior on a Field Trip


The guiding principles in setting all of our ground rules are SAFETY and RESPECT for themselves, for other people, and for the materials.

The Ground Rules for the Trip

Field trips are for learning and we need to focus on our lessons.

Students groups are led by adult leaders.

When in the car, we must use quiet voices so we don’t distract the driver.

We will always wear seat belts.

We need to stay with our groups at all times, unless instructed by an adult to do otherwise.

We need to walk unless instructed to do otherwise.

Ground rules exist to keep our class safe and to be respectful of the places we visit.

We need to follow the ground rules at all times, even when our parent is one of the chaperones.

We need to follow the ground rules even when they are different from our parent’s  rules.

It is a privilege to be able to go on field trips.  When everyone follows the ground rules, our trip  will be enjoyable for all the people, adults and children, attending.

When a child is not able to follow the ground rules, the adult will help remind him of appropriate behavior.  If he makes the choice to continue Mrs. Vice will make the choice to return the child home immediately and/or to not allow him to attend future trips.

What to Bring on the Kolb Trip – Packing List

Wear clothing that can become extremely dirty. Shoes too. Please layer.

In your Keep-With-You-Always backpack

1.  Backpack  – water bottle, drawing pad, pencils, gallon zip-lock baggie, bilo bag, camera.

2.  Lunch in the backpack.  Please pack the lunch in such a way that it is completely disposable.

3.  A book to read during silent reading.

In a SMALL overnight bag – we are only need items for 2 days and 1 night:

1.  Toiletries and night clothes.

2.  Nice t-shirt, and jeans or long pants.  Please keep in mind it is March in the sand hills of South Carolina and pack at least 2 layers (such as a turtleneck shirt under the t-shirt or a sweater to go over the t-shirt. The lows will be around 45 and the highs will be in the 60’s  We will be outdoors for long periods of time.)

3.  Please make sure you have a back-up pair of shoes that are comfortable and warm.

4.  Heavy jacket or light coat.  DO NOT PACK A DOWN COAT.

You may bring no electronic gaming devices, MP3 players, I-pads or DVD players.  Books, finger chaining and car games are a wonderful way to spend the trip.  No candy may be brought on the trip.  However, a SMALL quantity of a healthful snack may be packed.

There will be a video called LIFE playing on part of the way up an back.



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  1. Thanks for sharing – I’ll have to check this out. Maybe next year I’ll be able to get my girl scouts out there to check it out!

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