Yes, I have teenagers

The first reason you will notice that I have teenagers is because the 14 year-old is painting his room – red and nearly black.  Actually to be precise, my husband is painting AV’s room. He’s been at it for something nearing to eternity plus one day.  Trying to explain that primer doesn’t have to be perfect to a perfectionist is fruitless.  Just saying.

I feel the need to insert here that I don’t paint.  I’ll brain tan a deer hide, scrub toilets, wash dishes, and all kinds of job things.  Painting is something you do not want me to do.  I get paint everywhere.  It is a bad day when I get involved in painting.

Being an insane person I’ve inserted myself into this project. I’m painting.  It is just shelving mind you but I’m painting.  The children took pity on my painting exploits today and helped.  This led to the second reason you will notice I have teenagers.

The shelving unit disassembles into end pieces, three shelves and six cross pieces to hold up the shelves.  After breathing a half hour of paint fumes, JV gets to one of the end pieces. It looks like a rectangular coral for three inch horses.  JV wedges himself into the open middle area, hikes it up around his hips, and begins to make vroooooooming noises.  Right now those of you with 3 year-olds are saying that this is not the behavior of a teen.  Ahhhh.  Yes.  But when combined with what transpires next, you are looking at full blown teenitus.  AV turns to watch the spectacle of the rectangular, human-powered car, he lunges at JV/car proffering his sponge painter load with red paint.  He makes a squealing then thudding sound as he thwacks the side of the JV/car.

“You’ve just hit a deer!”  AV exclaims, laughing uproariously.

They both dissolve in laughter as JV rams the car into AV’s chest smearing a red streak across his shirt. “I’ve just run over the deer!”




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2 responses to “Yes, I have teenagers

  1. Julie

    I see you three are having a productive day…and a fun recess!

  2. Evelyn Vice

    I would loved to see pictures! : ) Sounds very much like teen agers to me! Except Josiah is NOT a teenager, yet, and I will not allow myself to think of him as one! lol Remember I am subtracting the years from him not adding them! lol

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