Home Away from School Today

OK folks.  Today is a Home Away from School Day.  Let’s get on it.

Uppers and Erd Kinder:  As discussed yesterday,  these items are to be completed and emailed (except math) by the end of the day.

  1. Paragraph regarding an aspect of the Faust meta-story in the short story by Stephen Vincent BenetThe Devil and Daniel Webster. By aspect you may look at the characters, the narration, the progress of the story, or even the evolution of a personified evil. (This is interesting but will require research and thought.)
  2. Your math – cube rooting.  If you feel that a binomial is below you today, go for a trinomial. (DW – do you think you could do the square rooting abstractly – with graph paper?)
  3. Your analysis of the fundamental needs of a particular culture.  AR has a lovely guide paper that is at her level that covers a slightly more detailed break down of fundamental needs of man. It might be of value.
    • BR – Vikings at the height of their raiding.
    • LR – Papua New Guinea in modern times
    • JV- Ottoman Empire culture at its height
    • AV – Japan during the Edo Period
    • DW – Hittite culture during the Bronze Age (look at videos)

Lowers – These items need to be completed by the end of the day.

  1. Fractional work – make fraction equivalencies. Remember to be fair.
  2. Fundamental needs of man – either vertical or horizontal look at the GENERAL European, American, or Far-Eastern cultures ways of meeting their Fundamental Needs.  You may make a chart in addition to your sentence on each fundamental need.  The chart may help your classmates understand your thoughts.

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