A Day in our Life

After morning writing and multiplication, AR decided to do teselations

BR practicing his presentation on Erosion.

BW pouring over cave-related books gleaning facts for his project on under ground caves with water.

Much work on squaring and cubing and ultimately its checking. Whether checkerboard multiplication, square root, or cube root, we are into complicated and exacting math this semester.



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2 responses to “A Day in our Life

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for blogging! You are my “go to” blog for reading about homeschooling older kids with Montessori.

    We are getting to a point at home where I can perhaps consider unloading some of our early Montessori materials. This post is a good example of how some need to stick around for a long time because they get used again at deeper levels. I know I probably want to save things like the binomial/trinomial cubes, geo solids, geo cabinet, etc., I know the pink tower can go along with the Square of Pythagoras at some point.

    My question is, are there sensorial materials that you can say with some confidence that I DON’T need to save for later? Do I need to save my brown stair and red rods for any reason? Knobbed/knobless cylinders?

    Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

  2. EV

    I have never used the brown stair, knobbed cylinders, or the red rods for elementary. I have had the children go to Casa to measure the length of the red rods as part of learning how to use a ruler. I’ve heard of folks using the red rods to work on ratios, but I would think other things could be used. I could see keeping the knobless cylinders – volume, similarity, patterns, and circumference measurements.

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