Rhetoric – Debates

Class listening, taking notes, and processing during Q and A time

As part of Darwin Week at the College of Charleston, we decided to attend a Lincoln-Douglas Debate (and here). The topic was Does Science Make a Belief in God Easier or More Difficult.  Interesting topic.  The College allocated a relatively small room for this event.  The room seats maybe 75.  I imagine there were 125 to 150 people crammed into the room and more in the hall outside.  We arrived an hour early and claimed our seats.  DW arrived late and sat with the “groundlings” in the pit between the audience and the speakers.

Format being explained.

The “Easier” position was being argued by Dr. Giberson whom we heard earlier in the day while the

Dr. Silverman's opening salvo.

“Harder” position was argued by Dr. Silverman. It was probably one of the least rancorous debates on science and religion that I have ever attended.   The class and I had a meeting about proper decorum at a debate.  We re-discussed the ideas of communication styles: ethos, pathos, and logos.  We also discussed the definition of “humanist” and its implication to one’s world view – new concept to the class.

The Q and A time was well managed by the MC – Colin Kerr and we found the event interesting and though provoking.


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