AR is into Montessori Math

AR is working through the checkerboard.  She didn’t begin checkerboard until the middle of this year and she is wanting to abstract in many ways too soon, however she works until she gets it right.  She sits down everyday to do dynamic multiplication (carrying)  on the checkerboard.

Here she is counting 5 taken 6 times.  It appears she has picked-up the 2 that she had carried from the previous step in the problem and is going to just add it in right there.  I’m not sure it works for me, but I’m not too twitchy about it.  I think I’ll observe it  and see if it messes her up in the longer term.

After this work she asked for a lesson on geometry.  I invited her to observe one I was doing with the older guys.  It was on circumference.  She made the connection with the Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi. She had read this before Christmas break when she was interested in three dimensional objects.

She still wanted more. So as the others worked out their new formula for finding the circumference of the circle, she and I began making the elementary equivalency works.  BW joined us as a product tester.  We’ve made all the square pieces.  Triangle equivalency to go.


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