It’s Project Week

This week is project week.  The children are expected to focus completely on one thing.  One thing they have been wondering about and on Friday present to the rest of the class what they have discovered.

Topics are:

AR and BR – Nuts – the differences between nuts classified as culinary and true nuts (This will make your head hurt.)

BR – Rise of Man – Australopithecus to Neanderthals and Homo Sapien Sapien

DW – The Creation of the Greyhound

JV – Rhetorical analysis of the Funeral Speech in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

LR – How the mental states of Hamlet and his mother and the social understandings of dark ages Denmark as perceived by Shakespeare in the 17th century England affected the interaction of mother and son in Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet.

AV – The history of the first Rhetoricians – Corax and Tiasis – How the Fall of a Dictator Brought Rise to Rhetoric



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